Our personnel have over 30 years of experience in aquaculture and over 25 years in RAS. Continuous and purposeful development work has been going on ever since 1984, when the first fish farm was built, lately also in our own R&D unit in Turku. We have made plans for farms and production, equipment sales and turnkey projects in fish farms and research units.
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Besides planning, system sales and turnkey deliveries our expertise includes aquaculture training and courses. We all have also practical experience in fish farming.
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Clewer Aquaculture is a part of The Salmela Group of Companies.


We are looking forward to hearing about your aquaculture projects. Feel free to send a request for an offer or ask for more information.

Riitta Myyrä
Managing Director

M.Sc. Fish biologist

+358 40 502 9137

Martti Naukkarinen
Technology and Design

M.Sc. Tech.

+358 40 514 4155

Pasi Korvonen
Consulting and Training

B.Sc. Natural Resources

+358 50 313 1211

Jonni Virtanen
Consulting and R&D

M.Sc. Marine Coastal Development

+358 40 517 5704

Jānis Austers
Technical Installer


+358 40 669 1161